Fun Activity for Parent and Toddler

There are many simple toddler activities on the net for you to imitate to make your young playing and learning at home. These fun activities are easy to do at home and your toddlers benefit from engaging in exploratory and educational activity.


Fun activity that parents and young children can easily do together like hand painting. In this activity you can preserve your child’s hand print which makes a great keepsake. Use washable finger paint or tempera paints for hand painting.

Paint is an art material that is easily adaptable to a wide variety of young children. Toddlers love to be busy which mean they also love being creative and messy. Let them explore their abilities with the use of these paints which will help them boost their self-esteem but always offer them assistance when necessary.

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What is the difference of tempera paints to finger paints? Tempera paints has more multi-use purposes than finger paint. Tempera paints have several varieties you can choose from such as powdered tempera paint, liquid tempera paint and etc. while finger paints works as basic starter for young children to encourage early childhood development. This kind of paint teaches children self-expression and repetitive hand movements that help them develop muscle control.

Children will enjoy using either kind of paints, so it’s up to you what best paint would be best to use for the art activity you have planned. There are many paints available on the market nowadays but be sure to use the non-toxic one. And if you are skeptical to use any brands on the market you can always make your own tempera paint in this way you will know what the ingredients are being used.


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